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A Truly Ground-Breaking Vendor Opportunity...
Prepare to satisfy your hunger on Tuesday, March 19, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. as we unveil the hottest new forum for connecting your business with other southeastern Michigan businesses that are eagerly searching for innovative ways to market their products and services in 2013 and beyond. You have what they are looking for and this event The Creative Exchange is your opportunity to effectively showcase your services to a roomful of receptive business owners. 
Here’s how The Creative Exchange works. 
By private invitation, business owners, prequalified to have both the desire and the financial means to grow their companies, will gather for a complimentary luncheon in the ballroom at The Community House in Birmingham. The perimeter of the ballroom will be lined with 25 exhibitor booths – all offering some facet of marketing, promotional, training, financial or personal development. The interior area of the ballroom will feature 25 round banquet tables seating five to six business owners at each. Over the first 2 hours of the event, vendor representatives will rotate one at a time from attendee table to attendee table every six minutes giving a brief presentation on the services they offer. Meanwhile, during this timeframe, attendees will be enjoying a relaxing lunch and beverages while each vendor presents to them. Upon completion of their presentation, each vendor will supply all attendees at a given table with a card with their company and booth number on it inviting them to join them for a more detailed presentation upon completion of the “experiential? networking portion of the event. The last hour of the event will be reserved for attendees to circulate amongst the vendor booths venturing back to those companies that interested them.

Over the course of the event, you meet with 100 to 150 growth-minded business owners in a leisurely, fun and hassle-free way. What could be simpler and more rich with opportunity?

What types of businesses should consider being a part of The Creative Exchange?
The Creative Exchange is a showcase of marketing, promotional, training, financial and personal development resources all selected to equip business owners with a multi-dimensional “toolkit? for growth in 2013 and beyond. If you are being contacted to be a vendor at The Creative Exchange, it is because we feel that your company offers the services and is of the caliber to offer an exciting, rewarding and insightful dimension to this event. 

Why will business owners accept our free invitation to The Creative Exchange luncheon?
The appeal of The Creative Exchange is undeniable:
1.This audience understands that taking their business to the next level involves being assertive, innovative and open-minded.
2.This audience acknowledges that well spent investments into their business are key to growth.
3.This audience accepts that current economic circumstances demand that, in order to survive and prosper, they must differentiate themselves from their competitors.
4. And quite frankly, it is hard to say no to a free lunch.

How will prospective attendees hear about The Creative Exchange?
Commanding a database of thousands of local businesses in southeastern Michigan, we will be extending both print and e-mail invitations to business owners we pre-qualify as good prospects for our vendors. Additionally, local chambers of commerce and professional organizations will be given the chance to extend invitations to their best and brightest. Phone follow-ups to prospective attendees will also occur beginning three weeks before the event. Cumulatively, we are confident that this approach will produce a diverse and amenable cross-section of local industry.

Do attendees pre-register for The Creative Exchange?
Pre-registration is required for The Creative Exchange and can be completed at the event website or by calling or toll free number (888) 504-8103. Requiring pre-registration allows us to be able to closely monitor attendance as well as provide vendors with attendee contact information following The Creative Exchange.

What does a vendor booth at The Creative Exchange include?
Each vendor booth at this event includes one six foot table and two chairs placed within an 8’ x 6’ booth space. Table linens will be provided in a color scheme that pairs well with the theme of the event.

Can I have free-standing displays as part of my booth setup?
Free-standing displays and pop-up signage are permitted as long as they fall within the confines of your booth area, do not create a tripping hazard and do not infringe upon the visibility of another vendor’s booth space.

Are there any restrictions on signage?
Retractable banners are an acceptable form of signage as they can easily be incorporated into your vendor booth layout. Traditional banners may be affixed to the front of your table. No banners may be attached to walls, columns or any other structural element of the facility. 

To receive a detailed vendor packet including rate information, please contact Bill Lonskey with The Quintessential Event Company at (888) 504-8103 ext. 700.

The Creative Exchange is a production of The Quintessential Event Company, a Michigan-based event innovator.
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